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Sunday, April 10, 2022


TRUST is the currency of leadership. 

If those with whom we work TRUST us, then there's a decent chance they'll follow our lead. If they don't trust us.....................not a prayer.

What are some things we can do to diminish, or interdict, the trust others might be willing to place in us?

  • Holding things and information from the team, playing secrecy games.
  • Engaging in words and actions that make others feel devalued.
  • Isolating by avoiding personal encounters with folks up and down the organizational chain.
  • Using MSU (Making Shit Up) communications, either making things appear better than they are or worse than they are (aka disinformation).
Taking a hard look at the items above and adding them to our DO-THE-OPPOSITE-OF-THIS list would give us a nice start to putting some TRUST deposits in the bank. 

We need bank all the TRUST capital we can get.

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