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Sunday, October 17, 2021


Multi-generational perspective is a force multiplier when it comes to leadership. 

Organizations (whether families or global corporations) benefit immensely when they have wise leaders who span the generations scattered throughout. 

The youngest ones bring energy and optimism to the table (sometimes with a dash of impulsiveness). The oldest ones bring historical perspective and the wisdom of lessons learned (often with a touch of complacency). Those in the middle bring the refined skills of prime-of-life practice and awareness of the shortness of time (frequently with an added touch of arrogance). 

As with the richest ecologies in any social or natural environment, diversity adds a healthy dynamic, as long as it is respectfully embraced.

When a business or a school or a church or a government or a family has multiple generations represented in their leadership line, the odds of a healthy, long, and prosperous existence go up exponentially. 

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