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Sunday, October 3, 2021


Those of us in leadership roles are really in the business of influence - we try to influence outcomes by influencing others. 

Some methods for such influencing are outright dastardly (history is chock full of relevant examples).

However, there are some excellent applications for influencing others that are worth considering, acquiring, and refining, for those of us in pursuit of holistic betterness:

Caring -- for other humans and for the planet.

Service -- applying the gifts we possess to address identified need(s).

Honesty -- gently, persistently seeking and speaking the truth (zero lying).

Engagement -- being authentically "present" with those whose journey we share. 

The above list can be faked (often is). The good news is that humans, generally, are well-equipped to see through such fakeness. 

In a cacophonous world of wannabe influencers, authenticity is a world class differentiator.

Genuineness RULES!

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