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Wednesday, August 4, 2021


There are always those who cause us heartburn. It doesn't really matter who we are or what position we hold, some folks have a way of causing us heartburn.

When we find ourselves in positions of leadership, however, it seems the the number of HeartburnTistas (HTs) increases disproportionately.

Consider the following measures in dealing with HeartburnTistas:

-Engage. Engage the concerns and address the issues raised by HTs transparently and respectfully. Selfish and unhealthy movers are most uncomfortable in environments of openness and rigorous discourse. 

-Reflect. The pushback of the HTs often comes from a place of legitimate concern. Seeking deeply to understand their position, interests, and motives often reveals to us much about our own.  

-LEARN. Resistance strengthens us -- intellectually, physically, and emotionally-spiritually. We will certainly improve ourselves and our organizations if we effectively address, or adapt in response to, any legitimate challenges the HTs present.

Though it is tempting to want to curse, punish, fire, silence, and/or discredit the HTs, we are wise to avoid plunging off the cliff right along with them.

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