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Wednesday, August 11, 2021


The best leaders I know are as much coaches as they are anything else. These wise folks commit huge portions of their time to the development of the folks around them.

In that process, these astute leaders skillfully deploy some exceptional coaching up strategies:

Noticing -- They observe carefully the processes, the people, the interactions, the dynamics. Noticing is a discipline.

Inquiring -- They ask powerful and deep questions that not only cut through the clutter, but also compel thoughtful and reflective thinking in response.

Listening -- They listen a hole right through you when you're talking.

Engaging -- They are very busy people, but when they are present, they are fully present. 

Learning -- They are constantly learning about themselves in order to be better servants and learning about others in order to better serve them.

The development of those within our sphere of influence might well be the most important thing we do each day. Coaching others up is a learnable skill, and it always pays dividends for both the coaches and the coached.

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