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Sunday, July 11, 2021


Communication is the primary medium of leadership. It is the most impactful tool we have at our disposal by which to foster trust, to invite participation, to fashion vision, to reinforce right thinking and behaviors.

Wise leaders learn to effectively communicate (and constantly improve those communications skills) through multiple media.

Here are some important considerations as we sharpen our communications skills and add to our communications toolbox:

-The language we use can serve to clarify, or ambiguitize. We get to choose.

-The language we use can be positive and uplifting, or negative and de-energizing. We get to choose.

-The language we use can be invitational and inclusive, or off-putting and silencing. We get to choose.

-The language we use can bolster reflective discourse, or encourage superficial cliche-ity. We get to choose.

-The language we use can be expressed just as effectively without words as with them. We get to choose.

Did I mention that we are wise to continually be improving those communications skills?

Did I mention that we get to choose?

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