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Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Desertification is a word used to describe the depletion of fertile land through abusive practices, such as deforestation or monocultural agricultural applications. Sustainability is sacrificed in the interest of short-term yields. The result is that rich, fertile, living soil becomes degraded and desertlike. 

When nature is treated like a finite resource rather than a living co-entity, desertification is reliably the result.  

I often see parallel desertifying dynamics playing out in human social environments, for the same kinds of reasons. 

When we humans choose to treat the Earth -- or Each Other -- in abusive and controlling ways, we are quite often successful.  We get the desired result of a whole lot of sameness, lack of diversity, monoculturalism.  That pervasive sameness looks, feels, and smells much like a desert - lifeless, infertile, depleted, de-energized,.........dead.

Is that really what we want, for the Earth or for Our existence?

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