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Monday, August 12, 2019


The best leaders I know are excellent People Readers, NOT people manipulators.

How do they "read" people?  Here are a few of their techniques:

  • They listen to others deeply, with their ears, with their eyes, with their heart.
  • They ask others about their aspirations, their dreams, their drivers.
  • They are attuned to the strengths others manifest (and try mightily to align their work assignments to those strengths).
  • They seek to learn the not-so-much-strengths of others (and try mightily NOT to align their work assignments toward those areas).
  • They figure out how to have real, even if brief, conversations with others in order to get a better sense of their uniquenesses.
  • They are constantly discerning the catalysts of positive and negative energy generators in the organization, magnifying the former and mitigating the latter.
Rocket science? Nope.  Something you can put on a spreadsheet and disaggregate?  Nope.  Tricky, hard, time-consuming work?  You bet!

Worth it, if a better future for the organization as a whole and each of its members as individuals is among one's important goals.

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