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Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Organizational life can be overwhelming.  It sometimes feels like a tsunami washes in over the top of us at the beginning of each day, only to subside as the day ends - and a new one arrives tomorrow.

The most effective leaders I know are not the ones who don't experience those figurative tsunamis, but rather, the ones who have learned how to manage the flood.

Those leaders manage to stay focused on the most important things - the "main thing" as the late Stephen Covey used to phrase it.  The most important things are the big goals that define the success of our organizations, or life.  

Those excellent leaders tend to weather the daily tsunami of "stuff" with a sense of calm and purpose and laser-like focus.  

One of the most excellent down-stream effects of that kind of focus is that it helps the rest of us weather the inevitable tsunamis in similar fashion.

So thankful to have served under some leaders who did not let the tsunamis distract them.

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