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Friday, January 11, 2019


The experts tell us that 80 percent of our communications are conveyed in the non-verbal form.  The other 20 percent are word laden.

One fifth of what we communicate is carried along on the platform of words.

A couple of word matters worth considering:

  • The words we use (that 20 percent) only matter when they are perceived to be consistent with the other 80 percent of what we're communicating.  More simply put, our words must match our actions (this is what I usually refer to as "integrity").
  • The use of mushy, evasive, or purposefully misleading language can and usually does cause our audience(s) to dismiss our words as soon as we begin speaking/writing.  
In Word Matters, our Words Matter.  But only if we're quite intentional and respectful in their selection and usage.

Words unheard, ignored, dismissed, or disbelieved certainly don't matter.  

Good to know, for those of us in the business of leadership and influence. 

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