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Monday, June 22, 2015


According to Peter Drucker, "...one either meets or works.  One cannot do both at the same time."  

Oh how we punish ourselves with meetings!

I have heard it proposed that meetings should be conducted more like huddles on a football field.  

The analogy makes sense when you consider these similarities:

  • Everyone shows up with ONLY the needed equipment (you never see a smartphone or laptop or briefcase or lunchbox in a football huddle).
  • The purpose of the gathering has been in development and pervasively-communicated for at least the week prior.
  • The "agenda items" are all action items, not discussion items.
  • Everyone at the meeting is clear about their roles and the absolute necessity of their successful deployment.
  • They're brief, really brief.  Start and stop times are perfectly clear and religiously adhered to (tardiness and chit-chat are not allowed).
  • The invitees are few, and all have direct relevance to the gathering.
  • All the attendees understand the common technical language being used (no wasted time explaining stuff that is assumed to be known and understood).
  • Everyone stands (no sitting allowed).
  • The subsequent performance outcomes are clear to the WORLD (the ultimate in transparency - real and tangible accountability).
  • The persistent "failers" get un-invited pretty quickly.
I know, I know.  The analogy breaks down in some places, but............................
wouldn't you like to see more meetings run like a football huddle?

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