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Friday, June 26, 2015


From endings come new beginnings.  Literally and figuratively.

> The end of a day turns to night which turns to a new day.
> The end of a chapter leads to the beginning of a new chapter (or a new book).
> The end of a project/task leads to the beginning of a new one.
> The end of a life leads to the beginning of a new one.  (Even if you're disinclined to believe in the possibilities of spiritual existence, death leads to the elemental decay of a life form, the elements of which are taken up by other microbes/plants/animals in the generation of new life.)

We often wish to maintain the status quo, to resist change, which is sort of like wishing to extend the dying process.  Wishing to avoid the inevitable cycle of endings and beginnings, of change, is usually a manifestation of fear of what the next beginning will bring. 

We are wise to acknowledge this constant unfolding and enfolding of life, to accept it, to flow with it.  Death - whether it be that of a life, of an organization, of a relationship - redirects the energy and consciousness embodied therein toward new beginnings.

Truly, each ending is really a beginding, bringing with it the prospect of new learning and new possibilities.

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