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Sunday, January 26, 2014


The words of leaders have powerful impact.  Even the simplest and shortest words have implications.  For example…

“Yes” is a word that triggers the following kinds of responses:

“No,” on the other hand, generates the following kinds of reactions:

As leaders of teams and organizations, which list of descriptions holds the most interest for us?

One of the fundamental tenets of improvisational comedy is to never block the pitch from another comedian with some form of  “no”; it brings the whole show to a screeching halt.  While I would never suggest that leadership behavior should mimic the flow of improvisational comedy (come to think of it, perhaps I should consider this proposition), it is not lost on me that one of the most creative, interesting, innovative, and entertaining human crafts relies so heavily on “YES”.
This guy is looking for more ways to say “YES” and fewer ways to say “NO.”

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