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Thursday, January 23, 2014


As Moe (my lovely bride of 36 years) and I were raising our daughters, we would often get into conversations with them about potential.  Over many dinners we would dialogue about getting the most of the gifts God has given us.  

As educators, my wife and I could cite example after example of former students who seemed to bleed their gifts for every last drop.  Of course, we could also recount a rather large number who never seemed to come close to reaching their potential.

The message we repeatedly communicated to our daughters was this:  
People with potential are a dime a dozen.  


EVERYONE has potential.  Decisions about who to marry, who to go into business with, who to spend your time with, who to work with, who to depend on in a crunch should never be made based on potential.  Potential is meaningless, unless developed and leveraged with fervor.

The folks who actually optimize their potential, who fully activate their gifts, who develop their talents with zeal – they’re the ones who should get our personal investments of attention, time, cooperation, and partnership.

Why?  Because people with potential really are a dime a dozen.  

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