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Sunday, July 7, 2024


We make thousands of decisions each day. The higher up the leadership ladder we reside, the number of decisions grows.

Well-crafted policy and ethical judgment are key to making sound and consequential decisions. Those are foundational to efficacious day-to-day operations.  

Crises, however, have a nasty way of shouldering themselves into our workdays. Rarely do those issues rise to the the level of true emergencies; but, sometimes they do.

Two variables that almost always result in either poor or less-than-optimal decisions are Fear and Urgency. When we are making decisions grounded in either of those we are at great risk of making mistakes. 

The best antidote to that "Fear-Urgency disease" is to practice diligently, as a team, the craft of forecasting and anticipating. When the "surprises" don't really surprise us, we are in much better position to make sound and beneficial decisions. Disaster(s) foiled!

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