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Sunday, June 9, 2024


Much has been written about the concept of Servant Leadership. Whole books. Many whole books, in fact.

Some of the most emulatable Servant Leaders I know demonstrate some very powerful common attributes:

  • We Language - Their language is always inclusive and invitational. They rarely speak in terms of "I" or "They," and almost always pepper conversations with "We" and "Our."
  • Seek Deeper Understanding - They seem perpetually in search of deeper understanding......of people, of contexts, of data, of conditions. That seeking is relentlessly grounded in the use of Good Questions + Powerful Listening.
  • Relational - Those impactful leaders strive mightily to build bridges, not walls. They understand that Relationships are the fuel upon which positive outcomes run. They attend to those relationships with great care.
Service and Stewardship are both powerful conceptual models. Imagine the impact of leaders who combine giving with caretaking.

Time to practice....

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