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Sunday, November 5, 2023


Full disclosure: I guilty of driving in the wrong lane as a leader. (Mostly before I learned better.)

What does "driving in the wrong lane" look like? WrongLaners most often jump into action upon hearing of a problem. Of course, problems and bad news have an insidious way appearing at our doorstep (or inbox). 

BEFORE we leap into action, we are wise to enact the following recipe:

  • Identify the folks on the team closest to the problem and ask some clarifying questions. It is highly likely they're "already on it."
  • If not, make sure you're all on the same page about "the problem," and assign the folks closest to it the task of running point on the solution crafting.
  • Provide the resources, support, and "cover" for those teammates to work on the corrective action.
  • Flag our calendar for regular follow-up and monitoring.
  • Get out of their way as they untangle the skein.
  • Heap praise on the Team when the issue is resolved (which it usually is).
Putting the right team in place, and letting them do the work, is one of the best lane-driving strategies we leader types can deploy. It also increases the likelihood that the best ones will STAY on our team.

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