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Sunday, April 25, 2021


 We all deal with frustration. Leaders of organizations deal with even more frustration (since organizations are made up of.............humans).

The causes of frustration are simply too many to note. How we choose to deal with frustration is the more important issue. What should we think, say, and do in response to frustration's triggers?

Frustration triggers some typical responses from leaders: Outbursts, harsh words, assignment of blame (to others or ourselves), shutting down (emotionally or intellectually), doing "something" (or "anything") NOW... Anger and reactivity often win the day.

Consider a better approach: Constantly monitor, constantly discuss, constantly assess, constantly plan, constantly deploy, constantly adapt. 

It's called continuous improvement. Getting better, every day, on purpose.

Engaging in the continual habit (both as individuals AND teams) to honestly answer the following questions is beyond powerful:

Are we doing (or attempting to do) worthy work? If not, we should change something.

Are our attempts at worthy work producing good outcomes, at an acceptable pace? If not, we should change something.

Is the work we are doing making for a better future for BOTH us and others? If not, we should change something.

Whatever the subsequent changes made, the power is in the process.

Frustration feels acute, though it's mostly the result chronic problems. Dealing with it on the frontside (habitually rather than reactively - chronically rather than acutely) is by far the better approach. 

But only if BETTERNESS is what we're striving for.

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