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Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Influence is an interesting dynamic. We can think of it as the act of impacting some sort of outcome through unobvious and often indirect means. 

The Earth is a physical body, yet it influences weather patterns, seasonal changes, celestial bodies beyond itself. The Sun is similar. While it is a finite physical body (in one sense), it’s power, reach, impact, INFLUENCE can be felt well beyond the confines of its physicalness. It commands attention and it emanates significant influence across millions of other celestial bodies, across light years of time. And, the Sun’s influence does not just stop at the surface of the Earth; it penetrates to its very core, to and through all the life forms that live here.

I am increasingly aware of the power of influence among and between humans. We, too, emanate signals(?), fields(?), influence(?) – SOMETHING – that reaches beyond our physical bodies, and across time. 

What is not in question is that you and I have some impact on the thinking and behavior of others, well beyond the physicalness of our bodies.

What IS in question, however, is the nature of that influence, and whether or not we are intentional in what we are emanating. 

We are at once the influenced, and the influencers.

A question most worthy of our deepest consideration: “What am I emanating in the way of influence?” 

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