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Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Leaders are influencers.  

I learned a lot about leadership during the years I was charading as an athletic coach.  It became clear to me that the best coaches and leaders continually hone their skills in influencing others to become better versions of themselves (individually AND collectively).  Moreover, those leaders affect transformations toward betterment at paces far quicker than the team members would achieve if left to their dispositions.

Leader-influencers have a choice to make.  We can take a negative view and try to push the team forward through a deficit mindset and fear.  Or, we can choose to assume a WE CAN AND WE WILL perspective both in our vision of the future and in deploying the disciplines necessary to create that desired future.

I came to believe fully that the latter approach is the most worthy one.  I also came to be very suspicious and distrustful of leaders who chose to lead through negativity.  The motivations underlying the mindset of the leader matters.  A lot.

Choose who you follow wisely.  

Your future depends on it.

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