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Friday, November 15, 2019


Whether we believe it the result of fluke accident or that of Intelligent Design, the cyclical nature of life is deeply embedded into the fabric of our being.  

Each day ends, a new one begins.  One year closes, another ensues.  Death occurs, new births relentlessly replace.  The circle of life, the cycle of life, runs constantly in the background.

What gives our lives meaning is the existential question that belongs, seemingly, to humans alone.  

Some questions worth cyclically considering:

Do the ones we love and care about know it?
Is the world a better place for our presence in it?
Are our goals worthy and noble (as individuals, as organizations)?
What have we learned that makes us better?
What do we need to learn next to make us even betterer?

Getting better, everyday, on purpose.  Living well, loving much, leaving better.

We get to decide, afresh with each new day.

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