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Thursday, March 15, 2018


What?  P20?  Huh?

My service to public schools has taken me this year to Throckmorton ISD in Throckmorton, Texas.  I have been blessed to serve as their interim superintendent this year.
Over the last few years Roscoe Collegiate ISD has been spearheading a very bold vision of education for rural children.  That P20 Model has been gaining traction in the minds, the planning, and the actions of some visionary school leaders in Texas and West Virginia.  Throckmorton ISD school and community leaders have adopted a similar aspiration for their own children (and invited me along for the ride).  

So, what gives?  The intended learning outcomes of the P20 Model for ALL students (not just some of them) is that they exit high school with a high school diploma, with a college-level associates degree (60 hours of college credit, completely funded by the school), and/or industry-approved certification(s).  In education-speak, the goal is for our children to be College- AND Career-Ready by the time they leave the hallowed halls of Throckmorton High School.  In non-education-speak, it means that we intend to purposefully and optimally prepare our children to lead happy, productive, and successful lives.  

This is a VERY bold vision for crafting a World Class learning environment and experience.  Ambitious?  You bet!  Easy to accomplish?  Uh, no!  Worthy endeavor?  Absolutely.    

I can't think of a reason any parent might want otherwise for their own children...    

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