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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Guthrie Graduate Profile

As I have reported to you previously, the Guthrie Common School District (GCSD) stakeholders have been engaged for the last year in conversations about what it is we really want for our children.  Those conversations have centered around the following essential questions:  

1) What are our highest aspirations for our students?  
2) With those aspirations in mind, what do we think a Guthrie graduate should “look like”?  3) How well are we “aligned” to ensure that our students succeed?  4) How can/will we know if we’re fulfilling our dreams for our students?

Those conversations have resulted in rich and meaningful conversations about what is best for our students and their future. Not surprisingly, the GCSD community aspires for much more for our children than a future as academics and technicians.  Rather, a comprehensive and holistic vision of competence and skills has emerged.  We call that vision the Guthrie Graduate Profile.  

Guthrie Graduate Profile

Learners/Problem Solvers/Critical ThinkersGuthrie graduates are/can/have:
  • Creative and entrepreneurial in crafting innovative solutions
  • Investigate, analyze, organize information and discern truth
  • Open-minded, curious, and risk-taking
  • Academically capable
  • Reflective, self-directed, and adaptable
Effective CommunicatorsGuthrie graduates are/can/have:
  • Confident and self-secure
  • Communicate in an articulate, effective, and efficient manner
  • Critical listeners
  • Communicate by use of advancing technologies
Persons of Strong CharacterGuthrie graduates are/can/have:
  • Healthy habits and lifestyles
  • Persevering toward achieving personal goals
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Assertive and competitive
Productive and Valuable Team MembersGuthrie graduates are/can/have:
  • Self-aware and self-managing
  • Work collaboratively with persons of different beliefs, interests, backgrounds, and cultures
  • Engaged and accountable
  • Authentic and transparent
  • Effectively use tools and technology for collaboration
Compassionate and Responsible CitizensGuthrie graduates are/can/have:
  • Socially responsible
  • Knowledgeable participants in the democratic process
  • Grateful/thankful/humble
  • Courteous and respectful toward others/differences
  • Contributors of their energy/time/talent in service to others and their community

We will continue to "polish" this vision with further conversations, but we believe we are beginning to see a clearer picture of what we intend to develop in each of our students as they move through the GCSD school system. In addition, we will now begin conversations about how to ensure that the development of those skills and competencies occur, rather than simply wishing or hoping for for those outcomes.

No doubt, the work will be challenging. However, our goal is to provide our children with nothing less than the finest education on the planet, with the end result being the development of some of the most capable people on the planet.

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